Did you love to read as a child? 

I did!  I loved reading and the thought of cozying up with a blanket and book brings instantaneous happy thoughts and a smile to my face.

Fast forward from my youth to now… guess what?  I still love reading.  I must confess that casual reading for pure enjoyment comes far and few in between; and I often muse of a day where no housework or errands get done and all I am responsible for is attending to the needs of my voracious reading appetite. Enough about me!

I want to focus on early learning readers, those emerging/rising third graders who for most are on the brink of greatness in the reading world and a little push in the summer to avoid the slide is the only thing they will need.  Not all children embrace the joy of reading and it takes a little longer for them to see the opportunity of owning the skill.  Lets help these young learners embrace reading by finding time to read to them, help them find books about things they love and things they want to learn about.

I took a peak at the internet and found a few links with amazing book lists for these early readers to enjoy that I would like to share and if you have a book you would like to add, please let me know.  I am always looking for a new exciting book to share with the Little Bird.

With the first book on the list titled, “The Best School Year Ever,” how could it be wrong!

Here are a few more lists that you can peruse to create your own Best Summer Reading List Ever!

Cheers to a great summer filled with lots of reading!  Dont forget to share about any amazing book you have read or enjoyed reading to your child.

Little Birds Mamma


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