Happy New Year 2013

Every year I try to get Little Bird in front of the camera for her yearly capture!  Its often hard for me to fathom that my precious little being is four years old now!

Where did the time go... and more importantly - where did my baby girl go?

I am sure that all mothers have that momemt of sadness when they realize their sweet baby is now a little person, with thoughts, feelings and opinions of their own and wonder... what does that mean and how does it look?

Well, I am no different and have been asking those same questions to myself, looking at her baby pictures and reminiscing so many of those precious moments that new moms have, all the while knowing, I will never see those moments again.

Our household has exchanged diapers and bottles for coloring books and super hero capes.  Instead of feeding schedules, we now have preschool and lesson schedules to abide by. 

The "cheese burger place" now has a name... Mc Donalds and Mickey Mouse is no longer hot dog, but Mickey - so many changes and at the same time I want to be sad - they are refreshing and exilerating reminders of how much we all have grown in these few short years.

One thing I can be thankful for is the all the photos I take, have taken and that continue to be taken - for these will be the keepsakes that I will treasure more than any others in my lifetime.

That said, here is a Shutterfly book that I made of Little Bird to showcase the little bird on her newest journey of being four.

With all of my heart and soul, I love this child more than I could ever imagine. 

Here is the photo album of Little Birds recent photos

Thank you to Shutterfly for these amazing photobooks that our family loves and treasures.


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