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Back in the day, taking a a picture on your camera was a special moment to be captured, you probably only took one or two pictures of the occassion as cost for printing those pictures could add up.  There was the phase of the disposable camera... and which you can still buy, although they seem to cost close to a real camera.  All that aside, today most of us own smart phones that have those handy little cameras built in and no need to carry a camera anymore.  But wait... all is not lost, there are those camera totin' folks out there that still want to capture the best of the best with all attributes included - love these folks!
My Grandma Teen took pictures in her day as if she had a smart phone - click, click and more clicks - every where she went, she would capture those moments on film.  I believe that is where I got my love of pictures and photography.
I am by NO MEANS a photographer, I am a fan of pictures and capturing that "IT" moment, but I am not a photography.  Once in a great while I can take a really great picture and feel proud... it shortly ends there though.
One thing is certain, I dont let my pictures stay on my devices, I LOVE TO HOLD A PRINTED PICTURE - kinda like turning a book page... {I dont own a Kindle, Nook or other reading device}.  I love paper and how it feels, picture paper is no different, love it!
Shutterfly has been my GO TO source for most of my printing.  Their customer service is amazing and I just love their products.  My picture always come out great and they are really fast at returning your orders.
In addition to printing pictures, they have one the best software programs to building photobooks out on the streets, with a ton of backgrounds and designs to choose from.
This past week I took Little Bird and her cousin Maddie to a local Pumpkin Patch - Willamette Valley Fruit Company to have a little harvest time fun!  They played on the toys, searched for the PERFECT pumpkin and swaggered out with a candy treat from the onsite retail market.  The rain had stopped, the clouds and sunshine appeared in a most beautiful way and I had my camera out clicking away!
Last night, while the dear husband was out hunting... yes I am a hunting widow this time of year, I uploaded my pictures to Shutterfly and they conveniently showcased them to me in a photobook - yes you read it right, they created a book for me to review of the photos I had just uploaded -- now that is customer service!  I chose to do a more advanced setting/layout and chose that option, but for those who just wanted the pictures in a book - one step away from a photobook!  Within no time, I had created a photobook that I am proud of and excited to see in print!
Check this out:    Happy Harvest 2012 - my adorable photo album I created for our trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

Groupon, Living Social and other deal groups often offer special deals for Shutterfly - so try it out today (I used a Groupon I had purchased for this book)!

Happy Harvest - Count your Blessings,  

The Little Birds Mamma


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