Doc McStuffins

Little Bird has such a vivid imagination right now, it is a lot of fun to listen to her sing, dance and talk to her toys while she plays - I must admit that I just love this age of little children - being three must be magical with all of its new discoveries!

I dont think we will ever get over loving Pirates in our home, especially Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Little Bird loves watching this show as well as a few others on Disney Junior.

Last year we celebrated Little Bird's third birthday pirate style and even though I am already in the works of planning her 4th birthday party, we almost had to make a change in plans for the newly found favorite in the house... Doc McStuffins.

Doc Mc Stuffins is the cutest little six year old television with the just right amount of sweet and smart to have every little child wanting to be a doctor when they grow up!

Her mission is to help all the toys she encounters that may have a boo boo or two.  In a kind and carrying way, with the help of her stuffed animals aka clinic staff, she can fix almost anything!  Getting and receiving hugs is one of the main prescriptions for well-being.

The show talks about going to the doctor, going to the hospital, eating well, treating your body right and enjoying life - great show!  I catch myself enjoying the episodes as well.

Recently, they combined 5 episodes and made a DVD {Brilliant... in my opinion}!  Here is a link to purchase the DVD on Amazon:  I purchased the DVD at a local store, it had a coupon attached for $6 off if you bought another Disney movie, and so it turned out to be Little Bird's lucky day and she got another movie to add to the collection.   I have a sense that old man winter will be treating us to a few snow days, and we will be ready - armed with great movies for those wintery days.

This DVD is Little Bird Approved and Little Bird's Mamma also approves - giving it a double -thumbs up!  Get your copy and check it out today!

For your convenience, I have listed a couple of links that you may enjoy:

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Coloring pages:

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Stay Sweet - Little Birds Mamma

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