Shake and Make...Butter

Little Bird loves to help in the kitchen.  Her exacts words are, "Mamma, watching isnt a job, I need a job!"  So, often, this Mamma is scrambling for "jobs" the Little Bird can do in the kitchen.

When I was younger, my Aunt must have had the same dilemma... on occasional family gatherings she used to hand my two cousins (her children) and the three of us (my brother, sister and me) a small mason jar filled with heavy whipping cream and tell us to show us how fast we could shake the jars while jumping at the same time! As I recall, we would giggle and think it was so cool to watch the white liquid not only change to a creamy yellow color but also in form, into... yes....BUTTER!  A tasty treat that we also got to enjoy with our meal that was being prepared while we shaking our tail feathers!{It was during Thanksgiving holiday :)}

Was she the most brilliant Mamma ever... ha ha ha.  Think of the energy we burned up jumping around and shaking mason jars, just the memory of it makes me giggle.

Recently, it came to me that Little Bird just might need enjoy such a great "job" in the kitchen :)

Picture above is proof that this is a great kitchen, Little Bird approved "JOB" in the kitchen! 

And...  the sweet taste of this butter is just as I remembered as a child.

All things sweet to you and yours,

Little Birds Mamma


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