Black & White Photoshoot Birthday Party

You know that friend in your life that you have known forever and would do anything for?  Well, I am very blessed to have just one of those kind of friends - Tiffany {isnt she beautiful}!

Well, when she asked me to help her daughter design her 12th Birthday Party, how could I say no!  And, um... who would want to say no - I was over the moon and honored that she asked me.

Miss Macie is quite creative and imaginative so getting to collaborate with her was nothing short of a blast.  She already had a lot of ideas of what she wanted so planning was simple.  She wanted her friends to come over get their hair and make up done, get dressed up in black and white and have Sandi {another amazing friend - yes, I am super blessed!} take pictures.  Check out her work here, you will be so amazed at her talent - unbelievable!

Tiffany and I decided that a photoshoot birthday needed a little swag.  We gathered travel size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hand sanitizer, perfume, hair bows and various other small items.  Sephora was generous enough to provide the "SWAG BAGS" for the girls to gather their swag as well as provided a few of the perfume samples.  Thank you Sephora - we love you!

A set up of black and white decor was used for the food and beverage table which also served as the cake table.  The delicious spread included peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a vegetable tray, oreos - the official black and white cookie, chocolate covered strawberries, goldfish crackers and sparkling cider with picks of frozen raspberries.

Each young lady had their hair styled by the uber cool stylists at LUSH Hair Cocktails

 And while some of the girls were getting ready, others enjoyed a glass of sparkling cider and a few light appetizers as well as a candy buffet.   The chocolate covered strawberries were as delicious as the picture illustrates - Just sayin'

I used a black and white swirl clip art as the main image for the party - from the invitations to the table food tents and signage.  The birthday invitations included a stage pass (the details of the party) and an extra insert to instruct the girls about the dress up and the hair stylist and photographer information.

After all the hair do's were done and the make up applied, the girls headed down to the river for their early evening photoshoot. As always, Sandi created her magic - the captured moments of this special birthday party are priceless and I imagine that every girl's parents will be buying multiple prints!

 After the photoshoot concluded, we loaded up the girls and took them back to the house to have cake, sing happy birthday and open presents.  The girls also filled their swag bags.

I loved getting to do the design work for this special little lady's 12th birthday - a day I wont soon forget!  Happy 12th Birthday Macie, and to my bestie - job well done, you have an amazing daugther.

 Below are some pictures that Sandi also took of this special day, there were so many and it was difficult for me to refrain from posting every single one (160+).

 Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... most of them are cheerleaders!

Photo by Sandi Elle Photography - do not copy without permission

 Miss Macie

 Little brother Crew working his magic with the ladies :)

 The yummiest birthday cake!  Chocolate cake with cream cheese mousse filling and black and white butter cream frosting.  Our local grocery store made this cake - they were amazing to work with and made it exactly as we wished- Thank you Roth's Fresh Market!

Twelve candles take a while to light - ha ha!

As well as a little time to blow out!

And this is THE Miss Sandi with Miss Macie - FABULOUS photographer and even more FAB Friend.  As Little Bird says, Sandi is my picturer taker - yep little bird, she sure is and we are proud!

This post is clearly dedicated to the power and gift of GIRLFRIENDS!!!


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