Toddler Tuesday - These Boots were Made for Wearin'!

When I asked Little Bird if she wanted to go to the County Fair to see some animals, her reply was, "Yeah, I wanna see some cows and horses... I need my boots if I am going to see some cows and horses; oh yeah - and my cowboy hat!", I simply smiled and nodded - with logic like that - who could disagree!

I must remind you that Little Bird is only 2 1/2.  We walked the Oregon State Fairgrounds that warm July Sunday without a stroller for about three hours taking in all the sights and surprises a County Fair offers including a couple of rides that she was tall enough to ride.  And of course, curly fries, a lemonade slushy and a little face paint!!! 

In regards to the cowboy hat she required, I had explained that if she wanted to wear it, she must be responsible for it and hold it herself.  If she chose not to wear it, that mamma was not going to carry it for her.  She agreed and much to my pleasure & delight, she fully upheld her end of the agreement!  Proud mamma to say the least.  This included making a birdhouse at the Home Depot Workshop for Children

*Little Bird, you are growing up so dang fast and we are sure having a great time enjoying every moment.
Love, Momma and Daddy


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