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Getting your child's hair cut can be a daunting task for many reasons.  First, it is the actualization that your child is growing up {sniffle}, the second is that they are usually pretty busy people at the stage where they need a hair cut.  Ashlee turned two in November, and though I got her bangs trimmed for a photography session, she had not received any hair cut since she blessed us with her presence.

As you can see from the picture above, she was due for a hair cut!  Little girls hair can be so fine and when they are in a car seat, and often "She She" (as she refers to herself sometimes) will get a little matted-nest-mess on the back of her head, that as you can also imagine, is no small task to undue - without the involvement of tears and frustration from both Mom and Little Bird.

Oh but alas,

Whipper Snippers comes to the rescue!  Whipper Snippers is located in Wilsonville, OR http://www.whipper-snippers.com/

Upon arriving, we walked in and immediately were pleased, as there was a huge play structue welcoming us in!  Ashlee ran over and climbed up to the top and waved from above.  Instant satisfaction!

We checked in with the receptionist, who asked us if we were referred by anyone.  When telling her I was referred by a friend, she gave us $3 off of our bill and a $3 credit for my friend to use at a return visit. -- SCORE!  Can you say, HAPPY CONSUMER!

We had arrived a bit early, so what seemed like no time at all it was our turn to get pretti-fied!  The stylist greeted us and asked Ashlee which chair she would like to sit in.  She had the choice of a motorcycle, airplane, convertible car or spaceship.  She chose the convertible.

Then she was asked what movie she would like to watch on DVD while her hair was being styled.  She decided to watch a little Elmo.

The stylist was so nice and attentive to Ashlee.  Ashlee sat still and patient and got her cut like she had been doing it since birth - no crying, no wiggling, just pure cuteness.

I dont know about any of you, but that is what really makes me happy -- when she is at peace and happy with what she is presently doing -- I am pleased and know that I am doing a great job as her mom.  Did I ever mention how much I love this little bird!  Just incase I didnt mention it -- today -- I love her with all of my heart and then some!  She gives me such a sense of worth and being, I love being her mom.

One of the reasons that I waited to get her hair cut was that I knew that meant a new stage we were entering and I was going to leave behind the baby/infant hair and walk away with a little girl.  It is true, it happened.  I am proud of myself, I did not shed a tear through this whole growing experience.

My baby is now a little girl

When the stylist finished cutting her hair, she let Ashlee pick out a pretty for her hair and also gave her a little spray of glitter hairspray - who doesnt love glitter!?

And for the sentimentals like me, they also gave me a card that has a place for a photo, a clipping of Ashlee's hair and the date

They carry hair cair products for children that are very good.  I purchased the hair detangler and have been very pleased - and we of course bought our own can of glitter hair spray!

Upon looking at their website, I read that they also host birthday parties for children that involve getting prettified - check out their website for exact details and information http://www.whipper-snippers.com/parties.html.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Whipper Snippers for making the Little Bird's hair cut experience a great one!  and as you can probably tell from this post -- WE WILL BE BACK!  


  1. Such cute pics! Excited to find you via Twitter, and I look forward to getting inspired by your craftiness.

    I just gave my toddler a haircut yesterday, and I was very worried, but our "low-tech" version of Whipper Snippers worked surprisingly well: gummy bunnies, Sesame Street, and a seat on Daddy's lap.

  2. I wish that I lived there. Looks like a fun place for trimming the kiddos hair!

    I'm a new follower from the Smart & Trendy Moms hop.

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  3. Awwww! She is just precious! Great haircut and such a big girl! I found your blog while searching the internet for Woodland Parties! Great job on that, too! :)

  4. OH!!! Ha ha ha! I just realized that you follow my blog as well!! Thanks!! Small world, I guess!! :)

  5. Ladies, thanks for all the amazing and sweet comments!


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