Friday, February 18, 2011

Tea Collection Clothing

As promised, I love to talk about and share about all things sweet, pretty and cute!  Well, this clothing company is no exception.  Have you heard of Tea Clothing?  They design mix and match wear that is durable and cute at the same time.  They market the clothing in groups or you can buy pieces indivually.  I truly love this designer!!!!

girls clothing sets and wardrobe

If you have not seen this line or maybe looking for a little gift for someone special, this is where you should take a peak!

I happened to come across this giveaway for a $50 GC to purchase Tea Clothing!  here is the link and good luck!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Little Birds Momma

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Grandma Always Knows

A few moments and words of advice from Grandma

Today is my 3rd anniversary and so many things have changed in my life since then - so blessed its crazy!

One thing that has been the hardest for me is losing my Grandma.  She was diagnosed with brain cancer the summer before we got married.  I realize that weddings are supposed to be all about happiness and the couple, but for this girl and her Grandma it meant something a little extra.

Grandma Teen (Florine Scissons Bedwell) has been my biggest fan, supporter and cheer leader my entire life and I believe she is still cheering me on and helping me through difficult times. As a little girl, I would spend weeks at a time in the summer at her house and she would introduce me to the world of endless reading, travel, camping, crafting and eating treats – she loved chocolate, baklava, and pie!

When I was younger and dating and went through trying times in past relationships, she was the one to always calm my nerves and crazy ideas about being alone the rest of my life.  She would say, “Getting married before your 25 is a waste of time, nobody knows who they are or what they want.”  “You have plenty of time to meet the right person.”  And other sweet comments that only a Granddaughter will accept from her Grandmother – nobody else.

When Darin and I had announced our engagement, she simply smiled and said, “Well, I see what I told you all along was right.”  With a twinkle in her eye, I knew exactly what she meant, all the countless conversations on the phone and visits to her house, were in fact, true!  She assured me that her health would not detour her from missing one of the most important days of her life -- seeing me get married.  [tears flowing].

I was blessed enough to have my Grandma be (just barely) well enough to make a 4 hr. trip and be at our wedding, truly a moment that I will always hold dear to my heart.  She passed away in April 2008, just before I had learned that I was pregnant with the Little Bird.  I am sure she knows what I am up to and hopefully proud.

On this day Grandma, I miss you more than ever and will always love you and our friendship!

Love, Cassandra

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ashlee Jae turns 2 Woodland Fairy Style

November 19, 2010, the Little Bird turned 2! 

In trying to decide what kind of party to plan for Ashlee’s 2nd party, I went to the websites of party planners extraordinaire Kate Landers, TomKat Studio, Pizzazzerie and a few others looking for ideas/inspiration.

I wanted to do a fairy theme, but not a princess fairy, more a woodland fairy and since the party would be in November, I knew I was looking uphill for ideas per se!  Most fairy parties are held outside where the fairies live… duh, right?!

So, thinking cap on, inspiration galore, I went to work.  Tulle and ribbon flew madly; silk flowers and star glitter dusted my craft room for a couple of months – all the while looking for ways to make this a birthday party to remember for my precious girl.
Alas, tutus made, fairy wands for each guest put together, wings decorated and face painter hired, I was about ready to go! [*Looking for a face-painter for your party?  Try your local fairs, I found ours at the Oregon State Fair].
Save the dates went out – check.  Invitations designed, made and sent out – check.  Cake ordered by BreakPoint Coffee Company – check.  What else?  Photographer!  I have learned – quickly, the value of a friendly photographer to capture your child’s precious moments!  As the parent, you don’t have time to always capture all aspects of a party, do yourself a favor and hire a photographer!  I hired the ever so lovely and talented Sandi Lovegrove.  She has been kind enough to capture the Little Bird before and I couldn’t be more pleased! 
As a matter of fact, it has been hard to decide what pictures to use for this blog post!  I have so many wonderful pictures; I will have to do another post – or two!
Making all the d├ęcor, food, party favors and such for a birthday can be is a lot of work; however, it is one of the most rewarding projects I have worked on to date!  Over the years, I have done many birthdays, showers, and celebration parties, and the pure delight has been getting to imagine, create and hold parties for my little girl!  Although it does wet my appetite to do more party planning and decorating!

The party was a huge success for young and younger alike -  over 50 people attended and everyone had a great time!  Ashlee received some wonderful presents and seemed to really enjoy her Birthday Party.  I heard afterwards that little girls were waiving their wands, sporting their tutus and flying around the magical world of fairies for days to come!

So, with this, Happy 2nd Birthday Little Bird, may you have a wonderful year of excitement and wonder – always know that you are so loved!  Love, Momma

Stay tuned, I will be posting the fairy wands, wings and invitations for this party in separate posts (w/some easy-peasy instructions so you can make them too!).  Thank you -- Little Birds Momma :)